Handmade Stchu-Moon 03 Hanging Lamp by Catellani & Smith

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The beautiful sculptural hanging lamp Stchu-Moon 03 is a hanging lamp designed by Catellani & Smith. The Stchu-Moon collection separates the light source from the lamp, which takes on its own aesthetic value as a result. This lamp is crafted by a specialist artisan and is therefore a completely unique piece. Light refraction joins forces with intentionally irregular surfaces that multiply the light’s quality and make the object itself all light. It is made of aluminum hemisphere in two diameters, with internal irregular surface lined with silver colored leaf, matt black exterior, steel spoon lamp holder, black iron anvil. The anvil keeps the lamp in place. Power supply with external electronic transformer with dimmer. The lamp has some wear due to the age and use but still in very good condition. Unique piece!

Height: up to 250cm adjustable
Diameter: 60

Condition: good vintage condition

Status: on hold

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