‘Origin Enlightened’ Contemporary Artwork, handmade by Lawrence Kwakye

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Spectacular Artwork by Lawrence Kwakye. Photo of an original Artwork by Kwakye, printed on Perspex, framed in Oak and enlightened with led lights. This photo captures a moment of interaction with one of Kwakye’s glow in the dark Artworks activated by Blacklight. The photo is part of the small series called: ”Glow sessions”. One of a kind!

The idea originates from the earlier Natural Backdrops series where Lawrence Kwakye uses the art of the old French Gobelins from the 17th Century as inspiration. He is inspired by these Gobelins but at the same time creates totally new art works by using self-developed techniques and earthy tones. He uses the actual image, the painting, as a background and draws the ‘loom’ forward. Through his use of materials such as linen and jute you get a sense of looking through the back of the tapestry. The use of blacklight combined with photography gives this work an authentic layered effect which enlights a magical aura and make it a real Kwakye; a unique aesthetic experience.

Height: 94
Depth: 5
Width: 95

Condition: excellent

Status: available

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