Set of Stackable Plywood CAR ‘305-Chairs’ with Armrest by Kho Liang Ie & J. Ruigrok, 1957

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Set of six Plywood CAR '305-Chairs' with Armrests designed by Kho Liang Ie and J. Ruigrok in 1957. These chairs are considered iconic examples of mid-century modern design. The chairs were manufactured by CAR Katwijk and are labelled with ‘CAR Katwijk, made in Holland’. The design was a result of a collaboration between Kho Liang Ie, an Indonesian-born designer, and J. Ruigrok, a Dutch furniture manufacturer. The chairs were primarily intended for use in waiting rooms and public spaces. The Plywood CAR '305-Chairs' feature a sleek and minimalist design. They are constructed on an enameled grey tubular steel base and using molded plywood for the seat and backrest, which was a popular material choice during the mid-century modern era. The chairs have a curved, ergonomic shape that provides comfort and support to the user. One distinctive feature of these chairs is the addition of armrests, which further enhance their comfort and functionality. The armrests are seamlessly integrated into the overall design. This design element adds an elegant touch while also providing a practical feature for users as is the fact that the chairs are stackable (up to 3) as well.

The Plywood CAR '305-Chairs' with Armrests are characterized by their simplicity, clean lines, and organic forms. They embody the principles of modern design, combining aesthetics, functionality, and innovative use of materials. These chairs have become highly sought after by collectors and design enthusiasts due to their timeless appeal and historical significance in the field of furniture design.

Height: 81
Width: 58
Seatheight: 47
Depth: 48

Condition: very good vintage condition

Status: available, 1 set

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